Embroidery adds that special flourish, be that for personal use such as for a baby shower gift for a loved one or for corporate branding. 

Excellent for personal use, workwear, uniforms, groups such as nurseries, schools, gyms, social groups. The list goes on and on.

Create a company logo / brand identity.

Embroidery has limitless possibilities to enhance the look and style of any clothing piece.  


Corporate Branding / Workwear.

Corporate Branding.  Workwear.Embroidered Polo Shirt, with Print on the reverse. 

Personalised Gifts.

 Personalised Gifts. Pet Portraits. Personalised Gifts. Blanket and Comforter. Personalised Gifts. Pets. Homewares. Blankets.


For us to create an embroidery design from your logo / image, text etc, it takes creativity and time.  It is not just simply save the supplied image to a different format like you would within other industries such as printing, ie a jpeg to a pdf, we have to carefully craft each line, each part individually, set the densities, angles, fills. We  also have to consider which fabric is to be used when creating the artwork file, as this also changes the aforementioned effects that need to be considered.

We have invested heavily in researching products and software to allow you to receive the greatest benefits and best product.